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Food labelling and health claims


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Food labelling and health claims – through a nutrition lens

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Food labelling
50 minutes
What's on the label?
Nutrition and health claims regulation
30 minutes
Nutrition and health claims regulation
Other relevant legislation
20 minutes
Other relevant legislation

Complete the course to access the final assessment.

Course details

This course provides a brief introduction to the legislation, through a nutrition lens. 


  • Why information is provided on labels
  • The EU Food Information to Consumers Regulation
  • Changes to nutrition labelling
  • Allergen labelling 
  • Nutrition labelling - front and back of pack
  • Nutrition and health claims regulation
  • Nutrition claims
  • Health claims and their scientific substantiation
  • Other legislation, e.g. foods for specific groups, food supplements, fortified foods and novel foods.

If you are seeking to provide information on food packaging, we recommend you refer directly to the relevant legislation, in particular the Food Information to Consumers Regulation, the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation,  and the extensive guidance available on government websites.

Certification details

On successful completion of the course, a personalised certificate from the British Nutrition Foundation will be made available.